New business cards!

amy biz card DSC_3017 F.jpg

My new business cards arrived in the mail yesterday! I had given up on the idea of having them letterpressed until I happened across The Mandate Press. They have a special $95 deal on business cards as long as you use black ink only and keep your design to one side. You can upgrade your paper and add colored edging for a little bit more. It's such a great option for affordable letterpress I had to give them a plug. (And the turnaround was fast – I'm sure it depends on their workload, but I got mine 13 days after I ordered them, including shipping time.)

The print quality on mine is great, but I'm already thinking of ways to improve them on the design end. I handlettered the type, and I'm currently expanding the style into all 26 letters to use in my print portfolio. This is the first time I've created an entire alphabet, and it's a great learning experience. Even though I started with a seemingly simple, geometric style inspired by art deco lettering, there is still plenty of tweaking and problem-solving yet to be worked out. So while I'm happy with my new cards, they are still part of a larger work in progress! But isn't that what a portfolio is all about,  no matter how long you've been in the business? :)