New Pattern

I've been taking a Skillshare class with Courtney Eliseo of Seamless Creative called Beyond the Logo: Crafting a Brand Identity. It's helping me to finish the identity I started earlier this year with colors, typography, textures and patterns. As I worked through the class I began to think about a different monogram inspired by the wrought ironwork of my hometown, Charleston, SC, and came up with the one now on my site. I've been developing a new repeat pattern also based on wrought ironwork. Here it is so far:

Amelia Bolin logo pattern repeat.jpg

Always Summer, Always Learning

I'll be the first to admit, I don't have much experience designing posters. Most of my work is meant to fit on a magazine page and be held in hand. When I designed and lettered this one, I built in lots of subtle details, and I was so careful to get the nuances of each letter looking right. And when it was high on the wall at AIGA Jacksonville's Always Summer Poster Show, all of that got lost! I was crushed.  It never even occurred to me that I was designing a piece better suited for a magazine page. That's not to say I'm not proud of it. But I had to swallow any excess pride and realize that I'm always learning ... and I'm so glad I did the show this year because it forced me to realize I've got to tackle different formats and get out of my everyday zone. Here's the full poster and some details:


summertime detail 1.jpg
summertime detail 4.jpg
summertime detail 3.jpg